Digital Print

When we talk about digital printing, we are referring to large format and display. Digital print technology has evolved so much over the years in speed, in quality and in durability that means that it is probably the most versatile of all the printing processes available.

Uses for digital print

Digital printing is ideal for short production runs and offers options for printing on many different types of material. There are various types of digital printers each with their strengths and weaknesses, but don’t worry, we’ll help you identify the best one for you. Whether it’s indoor displays or outdoor sign and graphics, if it’s low quantities, then it’s better to go digital.


What sort of products would be printed digitally?

Graphic Walls

One off jobs like full colour graphic walls are very well suited to digital print. Choose an image, enlarge it, tile it and print it on suitable media.
Transform a plain old wall into something quite amazing. It’s like having your own designer wallpaper.


Indoor or outdoor posters over A3 would be classed as large format. Photo paper would be suitable indoor and water resistant papers and inks are options for outdoor display. For longer term print, UV resistant inks will mean your print doesn’t get bleached by the sun.


Banners are a great low cost option for printed graphics with the added advantage of being easy to transport or store. Usually banners will be PVC or mesh with reinforced hems and eyelets.

Pop up displays

Another great portable display option often referred to as pop ups. These are free standing frames that you hang graphics onto which are great for in-store displays and small exhibitions. Another adavntage to these is that you can change the graphics whenever you like without having to replace the whole stand.

Roller Banners

Roller banners also referred to as pull ups are a low cost and easily portable display option most suited to indoor use. Similar to the pop up, you can have the graphic replaced, although it’s not recommended to try this yourself.

Self adhesive vinyl

Printed self adhesive vinyl can have many uses both indoor and outdoor on walls, windows and of course vehicles. There are many different types of vinyl available for all sorts of purposes.

Static cling

Static or self cling make great short term graphics that you can easily apply yourself.

Digital Print