Digital Video

Digital Video | Social media videos

Have you ever dreamed of having your own TV commercial? Well we’ve got the next best thing, actually no maybe a better thing – Digital video. We believe that digital video advertising, especially with the benefit of social media is the way forward.

Why promote your business with digital video?

It’s a fact that times change and these days faster than ever. As a business owner, moving with the times can be crucial to compete in the marketplace because nothing stands still and if you don’t keep up, your competition can get away.

Online marketing & social media

We can make you a digital video commercial like you see on the TV. With the power of social media you can share it until your heart is content. You could even have it playing in your reception or shop counter.

So what does digital video cost?

It really depends on your requirement, but a 30 second advert starts at around £150. That’s it. You are then free to put it on your website or throw it around social media. Much more amazing and cost effective than putting an ad in the local paper.

So get in touch now and we’ll help you show off to your clients.

Digital Video