Digital Signage Pricing | Digital sign systems

What’s required? Costs at a glance:

A digital sign system consists of at least three elements:

Digital signage display:

The type of display required will depend largely on the environment in where the digital signage will be shown. Some places could cope with a good quality domestic level TV or monitor, whereas others would require professional LED screens, some areas may also benefit from the use of a projector.

Digital signage hardware:

We offer 3 options for hardware to provide your screen with your digital signage content.
From the ultra small Android ARM powered dual core system, ideal for small places and very low power for the eco minded, to a full Intel i5 Windows pc. The type of hardware required will depend on the content of your digital signage content.

Digital signage Software:

Our cloud digital sign software offers complete remote management of your digital signage content. We offer optional packages that include updates to your digital signage campaign.

Optional additions:


If your digital signage will involve sound, then there are several options, this can be integrated into the screen or have additional external audio facilities such as speakers or sound bars.

Live TV?

Our digital signage can also receive a live input, so you can run digital signage as an overlay for the big game or music channels.

More on digital signage costs

Any digital signage installation is bespoke and tailored to your needs. Screen prices depend on size and type required as well as type of mounting.
These are priced at the time of enquiry because of the constantly changing prices in the world of electronics, this allows our screen prices to stay competitive.

The cost of setting up a digital signage campaign depends on your requirements.

Option 1: Design & Manage Digital Media Solution.
We take care of all your design requirements and build your campaign. We provide a specific quote based on the size of your campaign and the costs involved in setting up. We offer either a subscription based update system where you pay a fixed monthly fee for any required updates, or we just cost per update.

Option 2:  Managed only option.
You provide the artwork and we build your campaign. If you know your jpgs, pngs and your swfs you are welcome to supply all your artwork to us and we just quote to turn that into a digital signage system.


We offer monthly subscriptions for the management of your digital signage once it’s up and running

Information Monthly fee Discount*
  • Free quarterly updates
  • Free bi-monthly updates
  • Free monthly updates
  • Free fortnightly updates
  • Free weekly updates
  • £5
  • £7
  • £10
  • £15
  • £20
  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 25%
*discount applies to standard studio time pricing
Getting your digital signage up and running

£100 will get a starting level monitor but professional screens cost considerably more. We can provide a quotation for A/V equipment or you are welcome to provide your own.


£100 for our Android system to £450 and up for our Windows system. We can provide a quotation for your PC equipment or you are welcome to provide your own.


£150 set up fee which includes the setup and creation of your digital signage campaign and up to 20 images/changes.