About Envision Digital

About Envision Digital

Who are Envision?

Envision Digital is a family run small business. It’s a home based business run by a Dean & Jo Costello, a design & multimedia agency based on Portland in Dorset.

Dean has worked in design from when he started his career at a small sign company back in 1996. Over the years his career has given him the opportunity to work on some amazing projects for some very large companies in the signage, print and exhibition industries. His affinity with technology and desire to keep moving forward has led his career into the website development and digital signage areas.

Jo has more of an organisational flair and works mainly on the administrative and customer relations side of the business. She has been an integral part of building the social media presence and global sales & distribution of our custom mail order products.

Of course Envision Digital wouldn’t be where it is todaywithout the support of family, friends and our trusted network of colleagues, contractors and trade suppliers.

It’s our business to make your business look good!

Envision is a business that truly cares about it’s customers and takes pride in what it does

If ever there comes a  moment that the above statement is no longer true then we will shut up shop. We believe that it is important to love what you do as much as care about what you do. We have seen so many businesses that don’t seem to care about their customers in the way that we believe they should.

Our Vision

To supply professional design and digital solutions at sensible, affordable prices.

We offer many different services so you can get most of your graphic & graphic solutions from one place. You don’t have to have different companies looking after your identity and corporate branding.

Envision digital was originally set up as a trading name of Synapse Graphics Ltd, but in 2014, Envision broke away from Synapse and is now run independently.

Verb 1. envision – imagine; conceive of; see in one’s mind
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