Web design

Website design, maintenance & hosting

Who needs web design? In todays world, if you run a business or organisation of any kind, there is an expectation that you should have a website. For many people, building their own website is a leap into the unknown.

Web design

Website design isn’t just about making a website look pretty. There are a lot of technical elements which are completely invisible to the person viewing your website.

Website planning

The first and probably the most important part of planning your website is to identify your needs from the outset. It is far more effective to ensure that you have the right web site from the beginning than to find that at some point that you need to have your website redesigned. For many of our clients a website is a step into the unknown so sitting down together to discuss your needs is a crucial part of ensuring that your web site will do exactly what you need.
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  • site modernisation & maintenance

Already have a website?

If your website hasn’t had any kind of maintenance within the last couple of years, there is a chance that it is in need of an update. The internet is always evolving and as much as web designers can try to future proof a website, there is no real way of knowing what will change tomorrow.

Search engines

Another area where many people stumble is getting their website found on search engines. That is where search engine optimisation comes in. We custom write your website code with search engine optimisation in mind. Search engine optimisation is also available on a subscription basis if fighting for the top spot is your goal Bespoke websites, CMS, e-commerce, domain registration, all taken care of and ready to go.
Web design