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Need a sign maker? For many businesses, buying a sign can be one of the biggest investments when starting up or when moving premises. Quite often it is left to a sign maker to make the suggestions and you trust in their guidance.

When buying a sign, be sure that the person or company that you are buying from understands your requirements and offer what is truly the best solution, and more importantly, care about you as a customer and not just about making a sale.

Shop signs and commercial signage come in all shapes and sizes. As well as many different types and materials available, how do you know what is right for you and how to get the most for your money?

We offer helpful advice on how to get the best signage to reflect your business at the best prices we can.

built up stainless steelBuilt up lettering can be made from a variety of materials but for external applications are aluminium, brushed Stainless Steel or acrylic. Internal built up lettering is usually composite aluminium, foam PVC and in some cases even polystyrene.

shop sign tray

Sign trays are usually aluminium or composite aluminium, they are light weight and durable. Possibly the biggest benefit with a sign tray is that the fixings are hidden so they look nice and tidy when fitted.

Fibreglass Panels have the benefit of being extremely tough and very durable whilst being fairly lightweight. They are often moulded with louvre edges and are available in a selection of colours, shapes and sizes.

Flat cut letteringFlat cut lettering is usually fitted using stand off fixings and can be made from a variety of materials including brushed stainless steel, acrylic, composite and in some cases foam PVC.

LED lightboxIlluminated signage can be an eyecatching way to grab the attention of passers by. LED lightboxes offer a slim and light weight alternative to the old traditional fluorescent lit lightboxes.

Halo effect colour changing LEDHalo effect back lit lettering also creates stunning looking signage with the option of a remote controller to allow any colour you like, or what about colour changing?

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