Digital Signage? What is it?

So, what is Digital Signage?

There are many names people use for digital signs:
Digital Signage, digital media advertising, on screen signs, on screen advertising, signs on screen, essentially, it’s a very cost effective method of adevertising or presenting information.

What ever you wish to call it is fine by us. To put it simply, it is a way of displaying information on a screen, such as a TV or monitor.

Increasing popularity

No doubt you have come accross digital signage already. You may have seen them in hospital and doctor surgery waiting areas. Digital signs are even used in places like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King to display their menus. Digital signage is so versatile, you can display lots of different information in no more space than where you might otherwise just have a poster.

Examples everywhere

Apart from the display obviously being illuminated, you also have the added benefit of showing video, animations or just simply changing the content which can grab someone’s attention much better than bits of paper stuck on a wall. Digital signage is becoming increasingly more affordable with the cost of technology becoming less expensive.

You basically need:

  • A computer or digital signage player.
  • Digital Signage software.
  • A television or monitor.

What you can display on your digital sign systems is up to you. Motion video is particularly effective as the movement can attract the attention of a potential audience. Digital signage basically do what traditional signage does, only better.

Signs traditionally do one of three things

That is to: inform, direct or instruct.
It’s my opinion that digital signs do it better because of their flexibilty, to me, they have the potential to inform better, direct better and instruct better.

What digital signs also allow you to throw into the mix is to do those 3 things, but also entertain at the same time. I would advise a little thought before including sound into any digital signage campaign however. It can get slightly annoying after a while, much like the adverts on the local radio.

Remotely managed digital signage solutions

Our digital signage software is cloud based and can be remotely managed from any location with an internet connection, by us, by yourselves or both. The campaign management allows for time based and scheduled events

We love digital signage, and have done since we saw them many years ago at a trade exhibition. We want to see digital signage everywhere.

Digital Signage? What is it?