Domain name registration

Domain name registration

What is domain name registration?

For those of you who don’t know what a domain name is, then it is simply a name that points to where your website lives.

It is the name that you put into your browser address bar that tells your computer where to find your website.

Websites are hosted on servers with numerical addresses like you will find on your computer on a home or office network. A domain name is an easier way of finding that address.

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Domain names are always in high demand and can be difficult to get the one that you want first time. We can’t wave a magic wand and give you the perfect domain, but we can help you look at your options and find the best available.

Once we have completed your domain name registration, the domain name is then registered for one or two years, depending on the selected domain extension. We will also automatically renew your domain, when it expires unless you request otherwise, so it does not get snapped up by someone else.

We register the domain for you but the name is yours and can be transferred at your request.

Envision Digital – making domain name registration easy

If you have never registered a domain name before and are unsure about how to do it, then we are happy to register your domain name for you on you behalf.

You still own the domain name and all rights belong to you. You are free to transfer your domain name should you ever wish to.

Domain name registration