Website maintenance

Website maintenance

When you have a website built, one thing to consider is on-going maintenance. It’s a fact that the internet is constantly evolving and a website of course has to keep up.

We can help with website maintenance even if we haven’t built your website

There may be a time when you need to change your web designer but not have to go through the expense of having a new website built. If you have the right information, then we can probably we can update your website for you.

  • My web designer has let me down
  • My web designer has gone out of business
  • My web designer have hiked their prices since I used them
  • My web designer didn’t meet my expectations

Any of those sound familiar to you?

Why do I need website maintenance?

Browser & web technologies

Browsers – Those things that you use to look at websites are always changing, this is because the languages that website builders use changes over time.

Search Engines

Google is at the moment, the most commonly used search engine by many people in the Western world. ‘Google it’ is used all the time to refer to a search.

Google is probably the worst search engine when it comes to forcing changes and website maintenance.

If your website hasn’t been either built, or maintained within the last 3 years, then Google probably doesn’t think very much of it.

Website maintenance prices

We can’t really publish prices for website maintenance and updates because there are so many variables that make a difference to the price, we like to be fair and quote on an individual basis.

Website maintenance