Motion Graphics & Animated Logos

Designs for screen

The wonders of the internet have opened a gateway for you to be more creative with your online branding, online presence and marketing.

On the downside, there are now so many more different things that you have to do to tie in your corporate identity.

If you want to increase your social media exposure for example, then there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, we could go on but you probably don’t need us to.

For every site that you want to publish your brand, there are customisable areas such as headers, backgrounds or profile pictures and that’s even before you start thinking about video.

A full time job

Managing an online presence can be a full time job on it’s own and that is where our screen based design areas come in.

We can help with your profile images, promotional videos, web banners, backgrounds and headers, so your brand is tied in across each platform.


Motion Graphics & Animated Logos