Design for print

Print ready artwork

It's easy in today's world to use websites that allow you to create some of your artwork online and have it printed quite cheap. The problem is that it's fairly limited and all too easy to end up with something that looks like it's come from Vistaprint.
Another problem we found is that companies offering design and print services expect that you would have them design for you and then supply the print. Alternatively, they are usually happy to print your job if you supply the artwork. After listening to feedback from some of our customers, we found that a design for print service was something that was of interest to quite a few people.

Our design work

We supply printed media across a wide range of printing techniques on various substrates, but, we also have a number of clients that come to us to prepare artwork for their own printers. In some cases we also liaise with their printers for them to avoid any confusion. Some clients even take advantage of our print design service and print their own artwork.

Printer choice

We believe that freedom of choice in any business is important. You may have a good relationship with your printer, or have used them for years, or you can even find a better price for your print that we can't match. We certainly wouldn't expect to tie you in if you can buy it cheaper.

How we work

We prepare high quality artwork that's ready to go to print for whatever the final output may be, whether it's business cards, flyers, roller banners, pop ups, we could go on. We work with digital printers, litho printers & screen printers. We understand the advantages and limitations of each process and can advise you when discussing your artwork needs.

Working remotely

Another way that our customers have taken advantage of our design for print service is when they aren't geographically near to us. We supply the artwork to them or their local printer and they have it printed local to where they are based and collect the print themselves.

Print at your leisure

Once we give you the artwork you are free to unlimited runs at any local or online print shop, or of course you are welcome to have us quote on a job at any time.
Design for print