Envision launches Off The Rock

Envision launches Off The Rock

We have launched Off The Rock. A brand for our dye sublimation personalised printed goods.

We have started with mugs & cups but will be expanding the range in the near future to incorporate more full colour printed items.

We will also be integrating our vinyl decal range into the brand.

Visit Off-The-Rock.uk to learn more.

Off The Rock logo

A builders house is never finished

A builders house is never finished

I’m sure this has been over used as a term in web design circles, but as the old saying goes, it’s never done.

In a constantly evolving digital world where technologies change all the time, we have to keep in front.

In the world of business where clients must come first it also means that our own house is always second place.

I hope you find the changes to the new site a positive change.

Beware of scammers

Beware of scammers

It’s a sad fact that there are people in the world who will quite happily take money from you and not have trouble sleeping at night.

You will probably have received emails from people trying to trick you into parting with your hard earned cash, maybe even phone calls or people knocking on your door with the intent of some sort of financial gain at your expense.

You may think that you are too smart to fall victim to any kind of scam. Well, it is possible that you may be wrong.

So, a scam by definition is ‘a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit’. Now think of it this way, a scam in a sense could be simplified as a way of obtaining money through ways that, though not deliberately deceiving, are not exactly 100% honest.

There are people that do this in everyday business, they are selling goods and services that might not necessarily be what you think they might or should be.

Businesses can use classic marketing techniques and sales strategies to persuade you that their product or service is superior to others, which is not always the case. Sadly, I am not talking about large corporations, I see it in small to medium sized business too. I have even seen what I would consider to be questionable practises from local businesses, but you put your faith in them because you trust them.

My advice is to try to do a little research into what you are buying and who you are buying it from, try a couple of competitors and sound out their knowledge and as well as their ethics.



New year, new blog

New year, new blog

Firstly let me wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2016 brings happiness in what ever forms you wish for.

After much deliberation, I have decided to blog. I can’t promise that it will be amazingly interesting to everyone, or that every post will be worth your time reading, but isn’t that what blogs are all about?

All I know is that there are some things that are worth sharing, so here’s to where ever it goes.

More to follow.