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Digital Media local screen advertising is a great way to promote your business. You can have your own TV style advert which is much more effective than an old fashioned poster. Sign up now for 12 months and get your 30 second ad running for just £2.50 per week. Static artwork for your ad is also included in the price, with an option to upgrade to a dynamic advert. You are welcome to supply your own advert and we are happy to work with your designer.

About our digital media advertising

Local screen advertisingWe currently have one advertising systems in Weymouth, at The Fun Factory on the Granby Industrial Estate. We are currently negotiating additional venues.

The Fun Factory has an amazing amount of visitors throughout the year offering the exposure of your advertisement to thousands of people, across a wide age range.
Digital Screen Advertising
We are on the lookout for places for new screens in locations where we can offer very cost effective advertising to promote your business, service or event. If you have a venue that may be suitable for our screen advertising, then get in touch and let us know about it.

Current venues

Find out more by visiting their websites:
The Fun Factory Weymouth

What does it cost to advertise?

These are our special rates available for a limited period based on rotating 30 second time slots.

Pre-Pay advertising
1 screen 2 screens 3 screens Artwork Discount
Annually (per year) £130.00 £245.00 £360.00 *Artwork is FREE
Bi-annually (per 26 weeks) £80.00 £150.00 £220.00 75% off
Quarterly (per 12 weeks) £50.00 £95.00 £135.00 50% off
Monthly (per 4 weeks) £20.00 £35.00 £50.00 25% off
Weekly (per week) £4.50 £9.50 £12.00 No discount
1-6 Days (per day) £1.50 £2.50 £3.50 No discount

*The artwork included is for one design to be deployed across multiple screens.

How often will my advert be displayed?

We currently run our local screen advertising campaigns on rotation and the loop time depends on the venue.
The hours that a system will run will depend entirely on the chosen venue, details of which can be found on the specific venue information page.

What is the cost of artwork?

Artwork is charged at:

  • £20 for a static advert.
  • £40 for an advert containing simple animation and fading effects.
  • £60 for more in depth animation.
  • £20 per hour for artwork re-creation.
  • £60 per hour for 3D modelling.

Can I supply my own artwork?

We understand how precious branding can be to our clients. You may already have a trusty designer or would simply prefer to supply your own artwork.

  • If your artwork is ready to upload to our servers, then integration is free of charge.
  • If your artwork needs converting into compatible formats then a small fee will be chargeable for the process.

We’ll talk you through acceptable formats when discussing your campaign.